Saturday, February 23, 2008

City Champs! Well, almost. . .

Friday night, Trip played for the 4th grade city championship, and what a game it was - triple overtime! Trip was clearly the best player on his team, and Marc and I were so glad we could cheer him on. Sadly, his team, the Volunteers, lost at the very end to the Commodores. Who knew that the best sports action in Athens, Georgia would be at the YMCA?

St. Louis

Every year, Marc and the students he advises attend the NACA conference. NACA is aimed at advisors and students who are involved in college programming boards, so there are showcases with lots of comedians, musicians and speakers. Then there is a marketplace where vendors and agents talk to the students about bringing their products to campus.

The guys from Reno 911!

Which one is the monkey?

Marc has a great group of students who serve on the University Union Board of Governors, and I enjoyed meeting them.

Marc's Kiddies

This year's conference was in St. Louis. And since I have never been to Missouri, I decided to join him for the weekend. I expected a downtown that would be a little quieter, since it was the weekend. But one with shops and resturants that we could enjoy. What we saw was very different.

The shuttered shopping mall - so sad!

St. Louis was a ghost town. We joked that I Am Legend could have been flimed in St. Louis since there was no one out and everything was closed. There was a very sad shopping mall that was closed down, and the library was shuttered. We did see a lot of high end lofts for sale, so maybe in three years it will be a different place, but for now it was dreary and empty.

Even the Library was closed down!
St. Louis is probably most famous for the Arch, which is magnificant. I would have liked to have taken the tram to the top, but it was $25 per person! I just couldn't justify spending $50 for a view of a dying city when I am saving money for a wedding!

So if you are looking for a vacation spot, I wouldn't recommend St. Louis.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Marc in a Tux!

We capped off a very busy week (and kick-started a very busy February) by attending the 2008 Celebration of Support. Well, Marc attended. I worked. But any day that Marc is in a tux is a good day! This picture is from the end of the evening, after I ran around the Atlanta History Center many times.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sandy on a Saturday

It was a lazy Saturday for all of us in the McMotte household.

Sandy is very good at lazy.