Monday, December 31, 2007

Reflections on 2007, Part Two

In the past year, I've had the opportunity to go to some great places and take part in some fun events. In March, I took my first trip to Pensacola, Florida to meet Marc's family and participate in the McGuire's 5K. Marc ran, of course, but I just waited with the Irish Wakes and Root Beer for the race to be over and for the real fun to begin. We got to party with folks in all sorts of outfits, but we kept it simple - kilts!

There were, of course, several trips down to St. Simons. I love being there - it is where I go to relax and recharge. I also get in some great reading, averaging close to a book a day. In June, the entire McDonald Clan survived several days together and had a lot of fun in the sand. The beach was a different place through the eyes of my nephew Hudson.

Our August trip to SSI also included a sprint triathalon for Marc in Jacksonville. It was very short (at least in comparason to the Ironman he'll complete next August) but it was neat for me to see how it all works.

Sandy, Marc and I went camping with our fabulous friends, the Thompsons. Sandy is a true camping dog and charmed everyone who walked by our campsite. We had a great time, and regretted that we did not have a chance to go again in 2007. Once it warms up enough (for me) we aim to try out our new tent. It has a special section just for Sandy!

The brave men looking for the snake.

The highlight of Marc's year was our October trip to Columbus, Ohio to visit our friend Ashley. She is in grad school at Ohio State, which just happens to be Marc's favorite. We spent quality time with Ashley, saw where she lives and works, and went to an OSU football game. I must say that the game was an incredible experience. The tailgating was clean and everyone had a game of cornhole. The band was amazing!! I couldn't stop talking about how cool their tribute to southern rock was to see. And a victory was the perfect way to top it off. Marc is already planning our return trip!

In November, Marc met a lot of the extended family on my mom's side of the family at our annual Thanksgiving gathering at the Meeks home in Macon, Georgia.. And then in December, we went to New York City for a UGA Event at which I was working. We toured around a very cold NYC, saw improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade, sat in the second row for The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee on Broadway, met a striking writer from The Daily Show and saw Rockefeller Center all decked out for the holidays.

In 2008 we have some great trips planned. I know we will have just as much - if not more - fun!
Next up - good times in Athens in 2007

Reflections on 2007, Part One

Even though the end of the year found me tired and burned out, when I reflect on the year, it has been a great one. I may gripe at times about the fact that I have more responsibility at work and less free time, I do love my job and am very fortunate to have been given this opportunity. And the past year has been so much fun. There have been life changes, fabulous trips, new family and friends and and end-of-the-season surge for Georgia football!

Any year when I become Crazy Aunt Mary (again) is a good one, even if my brother used the name I would have given my son. But Bowen is such a great little kid. He has my baby fat rolls and I wish I saw him and Hudson more often than I do. That will be one of the 2008 resolutions - to be more of a part of the lives of my nephews.

One of the biggest happenings of 2007 was Marc. I was incredibly lucky to have had him as a friend and dog watcher. So when we started dating, I knew what a great guy he was and how much he loved my dog. It was very natural for us to date, fall in love, and get engaged. And Sandy just loves having Marc here. She has also discovered that when he is stretching his neck, it is a perfect time for some belly rubbing.
To be continued. . .

Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas 2007

Christmas 2007 found us on the road. We spent time with our friends and the LaMotte family in Pensacola . . .

Marc, Sandy and Alec are all wrapped up

Such a pretty girl!

Marc's holiday loot. And Sandy wondering why he is acting so silly.

And then spent some time with the ever expanding McDonald family. We added two this year - one by birth (Bowen Matthew) and one by engagement (our very own Marc!)

Grandma and Hudson in his new Thomas hat

Bowen really enjoyed the dancing Santa

Michael and his new gator

Marc in yet another Ohio State outfit

Sandy after a long day of driving, presents, food and family.