Wednesday, April 30, 2014


At the end of last Fall, I planted some daffodil bulbs in one of our front beds.  When everyone else's flowers were blooming, I didn't even have some green peeking out of the earth.  But then just as all the other daffodils disappeared, mine started to grow.  And it was just this past week that they started to die.  I must have had some late bloomers this year.

But that's ok.  It meant that we could all share in the joy of daffofils after the chill of spring.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

First Day in the Twos

I am terribly late in posting this!  Rosie had her first full day as a Pavarotti (or a member of the 2 year class) on April 7.  She is with teachers we already love from Charlie's time in the class, and those ladies have been counting down the days until Rosie could join them.
That morning, Rosie was much more interested in reading a book than posing for her "first day" picture.
Charlie's helping with the sign holding - he's a good brother. And she will smile but not look away from the book.

So let's try by the door.

What?? You asked me to hold up the sign?

What does this thing say anyway?

I would really rather just be silly.


There's that winning smile!

And she was NOT willing to put her cereal down for anything!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Ava's Birthday party

On March 22, Rosie was invited to clelbrate the birthday of one of her classmates, Ava.  It was such a sweet little party.  I was so glad Rosie could play with her friend and I could get to know another parent from Rosie's class. 

Ava and Draya playing chase

Snack time!

Ava's birthday cake - idea by her mom and made by her dad.

Rosie's cupcake bubble matched the party decor, as if I meant to do that!

Playing with friends

Wagon rides!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Touch A Truck - Oconee Style

On March 15, Charlie and I went over to the next county for a touch-a-truck event.  We ran into several LP friends there, so Charlie was very happy. I think he liked seeing them more than the trucks!
Checking out the Fire Trucks with Easton

They had a bouncy house, but it was limited to 5 people at a time for about a minute. So Charlie would bounce for a minute then get back in line.  Luckily, we never waited for more than one round of people to bounce.

The K-9 truck had a stand in.  But Charlie talked to him as if he was real.

Then we discovered the tractor rides. We rode with Warren, Easton, Truitt and Wells Ayn!

Charlie and Easton, checking out the rescue vehicles.  It is so sweet when they hold hands!

Charlie really liked the SWAT team response vehicle, especially when Easton's Daddy went outside and they watched him on TV.

Then they gave a cow a hug.

And touched more trucks.