Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Night Out

Our last night on the Island, we went to the Crab Trap for some good seafood.  Jenny had made Charlie an outfit, and I thought it was the perfect time for him to show it off.  And she had made Solomon one to match!  They were super-cute.

Bobby and Summer Woodard, Jenny, Brandon and Solomon Frye and Charlie, Mary and Marc "McMotte"

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Didn't see this one coming!

We interrupt our beach pictures for some fabulous news.  Marc got a surprising email yesterday.  Today he will be featured in Rooftop Comedy's "The Daily 8."  It's kind of a big deal. 

Each day the site lists 8 comics who they find entertaining and one of Marc's jokes from his performance at the Laughing Skull Lounge in Atlanta was chosen. Yay! So click here and see the funny man.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Such a Good Helper

When Bobby was helping Marc and I by giving Charlie a bottle, Solomon helped Bobby. While Charlie can hold a bottle, he doesn't quite get the tipping it back part.  So it was Solomon to the rescue!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Playing in the Sand

Happy to be at the beach!

What does sand taste like? (He didn't hate it, which meant keeping his hands out of his mouth, or his paci in it.)

That shovel is SO funny

Look what I found!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Playing With Friends

Charlie had a great time playing with his new friend Solomon.  He is about 10 months older than Charlie, but they got along so well.  They splashed in the ocean, dug in the sand and drove cars (and empty water bottles) around the condo.  

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Beach!

Last week, we made another visit to the beach.  This time, Charlie, Marc and I were joined by some wonderful friends.  We all worked together in Athens, but now our friends the Fryes are at Auburn and the Woodards are at East Carolina.  So it was wonderful to all meet in SSI for some friendship and relaxation.  And, of course, for some sand and surf.

This was the first time Charlie and Marc had been at the beach together, so there was lots of daddy-son time in the ocean.


Sunday, July 24, 2011

11 Months!

I set out to get some great pictures of my 11 month old (!!) today.  But Charlie doesn't sit so still anymore. So what I got was a lot of this

and this

and this.

And Charlie has definite opinions about what he wants to do. {No idea where he got that from :-) } So I also got a lot of this

and this

and this.

But finally, we found a smile in our almost-one-year-old (!!) and I caught it on camera.

Charlie is growing so quickly that everyday we make a new discovery or learn something new.  He can walk but prefers to crawl because it is faster.  When he walks between us, Charlie makes it a game and takes a couple steps and then dives into your arms laughing. 

Charlie is a talker.  He can babble on and on.  He has starting making S sounds and I think he is saying Yes.  He is very clearly saying Uh-Oh now (and upgrade from Uh-Uh) but doesn't quite know when to say it.  

Charlie has started to thin out, and I wonder what his weight percentile will be next month at the doctor.  We have started to put him on whole milk, but slowly and only little bits at a time.  He has a very happy disposition, but he wants both Marc and I with him in the play area and gets upset when he sees one of us leave. (So we have to make sure he doesn't see us leave.)

And Charlie is finally getting some good sleep at night. (I am knocking on wood as I type this.)  He has, for the past four nights, slept all the way through without a middle-of-the-night feeding.  And he is sleeping between 9 and 11 hours, which means Marc and I are sleeping much more and are lots and lots happier!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Friday, July 15, 2011

Don't Worry

There won't be any posts for the next couple of days, but don't worry.  We are simply on island time.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Charlie must have another tooth coming in, because this week he has been drooling machine.  (He's also got a nasty teething rash on his chin, has been fussy, not eating as much and not sleeping well.  And he had a fever so was out of daycare for two days.  It's been a week!)

As I was trying to figure out if the new tooth was on the top or bottom of his mouth, I realized I didn't have a picture of the top two teeth that he has been sporting for a few weeks. And they look just like mine when I was a baby.  We should probably go ahead and set up a savings account for all the orthodontia in Charlie's future!

We had to hold him upside down to get a shot of these chompers

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fourth of July Tradition

This year, Marc became a true Georgian and ran his first Peachtree Road Race.  However, it may also have been his last.  He had a good spot - group F - and ran it in just over an hour.  But running with 60,000 of his closest friends was a little frustrating.  Marc couldn't get a good running rhythm because of all the walkers and slow runners.  It was more of a zig-zag run for him. And he was fighting a cold, so he wasn't feeling 100%.

And man, it was H.O.T!

Marc was also one of 250 racers chosen to have a silver race number, which gave him a chance to win airfare and four nights in Barcelona, Spain. So we stuck around - and sweated A LOT - and waited over an hour for the awards ceremony. We didn't win, but we were more frustrated than sad because we were so hot and miserable.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Born on the 2nd of July

My mom is almost an Independence Day baby - she missed the 4th by two days.  But it is close enough to have a celebration for both America and Mama!

It's always a lot of fun to have family and friends hang out together for the day. In fact, I did so much hanging out that I didn't get may pictures.  I missed Mama blowing out her birthday candle (with the help of my cousin's daughter Carlie.  It was SO cute!) and I missed Charlie's first real injury - he busted his lip open falling on the floor. But here are a few of the shots I took:  

Mama and Caylin, the newest member of the family.
The required cousin picture.  We must have one when we are all together.

Charlie loved this toy - the flashing lights!  The whurring noise!  The ease with which it slid across the floor!

Where there is a glass door, there is a funny-faced Charlie
Carlie and Aunt Dot, all decked out in red, white and blue

I tried to get a picture of all three of Mandy's kids on the swings.  But someone is blurry in every one!  So here's a pic where they are all blurry :-)

Charlie and Papa Kirby, after the aforementioned lip-busting.  CK sucked on ice until he fell asleep and was perfectly fine when he woke up. I was more traumatized by my by my saying it was not a big deal and then seeing my child shed blood, even if it was only a couple of drops.