Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Charlie's Build-a-Bear

 Yesterday we made a trip to the mall and Charlie made his first Build-A-Bear.  And he didn't let go of it for hours.

Monday, December 26, 2011

15 Weeks

I was 15 weeks pregnant yesterday.  But since it was Christmas, I didn't have a chance to blog about it.  We had a busy but wonderful holiday - I hope yours was, too!.  Marc, Charlie and the girls went down to Pensacola on the 16th and I followed on the 21st.  We had a great time with the LaMotte clan, and then headed to Hampton on Christmas Eve.  We arrived at 12:45 am on Christmas Day and Charlie was WIRED!  In the past he has slept the entire way and then gone back to sleep once we arrived.  This year he slept for less than half the trip and when we got to my parents' house, he ran up and down the hall hollering at the top of his lungs.  He was excited for Christmas I guess! After two fabulous days with my parents, we are now back in Athens.

While in Pensacola, the nausea and vomiting was in full force.  And no amount of medicine seemed to help.  I was hoping that I would be feeling better by now and be able to gorge myself on holiday food, but had no such luck.  I looked back at 15 weeks with Charlie and the nausea was gone and my appetite was back, so I have hope that it will happen soon. It consumes far too much of my life now and probably makes me miserable to be around.  (Although I am sure that Marc would say I am an angel!)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Fun With a Couch Cushion

Why do we have all these toys when all Charlie needs is a couch cushion for fun?

He can climb and jump and then sit in the valley of the couch

And what happens when the cushion is put back?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Charlie's First Hair Cut

Charlie had developed a mullet, so we finally decided to trim his hair.  And cutting a squirmy, tired toddler's hair is not an easy task.  It doesn't look too bad, but I was sad to trim off his little curls.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

14 Weeks

I am 14 weeks pregnant today.  And officially in the second trimester.  So this nausea, vomiting, acne and exhaustion can leave anytime.  And I will welcome the energy burst and desire to clean whenever it decides to arrive.

I've got a cough again (that I caught from Marc that he caught from Charlie) but it isn't nearly as bad as it was 6 weeks or so ago.  After Charlie and Marc got the cough, they both developed an ear infection.  So far (knock on wood) I am ear infection free.

This week was an incredibly busy one for me.  I am planning a bowl trip while running two commencement ceremonies, planning a holiday party and sending holiday cards, in addition to the myriad of other things on my desk.  And that's all work stuff. I finally got our personal holiday cards and hope to send those next week.  You know, there was a time when I would have my cards ordered, addressed and stamped before Thanksgiving.  But all my distractions are totally worth it!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Rough One

December has been a rough month for the McMottes.  It started with the SEC Championship game (Yay - Georgia is in the Championship or Boo - I have to work another weekend.)

The game was on Saturday, but I took Friday off so Marc and I could take Charlie to Hampton to stay with my parents while Marc and I were in Atlanta for the game.  But Friday Morning, Charlie woke up coughing, wheezing and breathing really fast and with a decent temperature.  So before we left for Hampton, we had to make a stop at the doctor's office. One nebulizer later, we were off.

(Side note - thank you to my mom and dad for keeping the little man, and thank you to Aunt Esther and Aunt Nancy for changing their shopping/beach schedule for us!)

We went to the airport and I dropped off Marc, who had a show in Rhode Island Friday night. And then Charlie and I spent the rest of the day in Hampton.  It was nice and relaxing.  And the nebulizer worked - Charlie's breathing got much, much better.  But his fever hung around.  And hung around.  And got pretty high.

Marc flew back in from RI Saturday morning and was exhausted.  He had a 6 am flight and had only gotten a few hours of sleep before getting back to Atlanta.  And there was no time for him to rest before I had to be at work for our pre-game reception. But he was a trooper and went to the reception and the game and had a good time.  Well, in the first half, anyway.

While the reception was going on, I had to go to the President's Suite to get a few things ready.  I had an all access pass but that only lets you in certain doors.  I was sent half way around the Dome and down the longest flight of stairs ever before I got in.  Then I took an elevator up to the suites and got out at Suite 98.  I then had to walk around to suite 5.  So in a matter of 20 minutes, I walked the entire Dome and was a sweaty, gross mess.

But the game went well, other than the final score.  Marc sat in our great seats and I walked back and forth between the suite, the club level and our seats to check on our guests. So we were both exhausted by the time it was over.  Marc was so worn down that he ended up getting sick and all of last week, he was coughing and feverish.  And Charlie's fever turned into another ear infection and he was home with Marc for 4 days.  All while I am at my busiest at work and couldn't be home to care for them. And then Saturday morning, I woke up with the same thing Marc had. I quickly jumped on the cough medicine and it seems to have been nipped in the bud.

I think we are all on the mend.  Charlie is back at school today and Marc went to run for the first time in 6 days yesterday. And I am doing okay - tired and vomit-y but the cough is much better.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

13 Weeks

I am 13 weeks pregnant today.  And it has been a rough 13 weeks.  This pregnancy was a big surprise but once we found out, it explained a lot.  So that's why the cold I got a month ago lasted for so long.  And that's why the cold was so bad, even though it was just a cough.  And that's why I threw up when I would cough and why I've felt so tired.

And since we've found out, the morning sickness has gotten very bad.  With Charlie, I just felt like I would get sick and only threw up a couple of times.  This time around, I have become good friends with the toilet and the trash can.  If the all-day sickness is any kind of forecaster, this baby is going to be a hellion. We have found a pill - Zofran - that helps greatly, but my insurance company will only give me 24 every 30 days - not nearly enough to take 3 a day.  So yesterday I decided not to take the pill to try and save it for the work week.  BIG MISTAKE.  I could barely get out of the recliner, and when I did it was to get sick.  I threw up everything I ate and drank and then when there was nothing left, I would just wretch. So I have taken my pill this morning.  But I only have 4 left to last me the next 11 days.  I bought a pill cutter, and I may try taking a half and see how that works.

Monday, December 5, 2011

So We have Some News

Baby McMotte - the Sequel, will make his or her appearance mid June 2012.  
Marc and I were quite surprised.

Friday, December 2, 2011

15-Month Checkup

Charlie was 15 months on Thanksgiving, and this week we had his checkup at the doctor.  He is still a tall baby - 32.5 inches and well into the 90th percentile.  In the waiting room there was a little girl there for her 18 month checkup, and Charlie was taller.  He weighs 23 pounds, and is actually a little underweight - in the 30th percentile.  And his head measured 18 inches.

He is very well developed verbally, with a vocabulary of 20+ words that grows every day.  He is on par with a two-year old.  And the tubes in his ears look good.

Charlie is starting to have temper-tantrums right on schedule, and learning that we will wait until he is finished before Marc and I will respond.

So in all, he is a healthy, happy, normal, talkative boy!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We again made the trek to Macon for Thanksgiving fun with my mama's side of the family. And again, the food was excellent and the company was fabulous.

This year Charlie got out and had fun with the older kiddies.  Although at times he just watched and he often looked like he was trying to figure it all out.  But he found a ball and all was okay.

He really wanted to ride in the atvs after watching the older kids zoom around.  so he would climb in the passenger side and wait for someone else to get in the driver's seat and drive him around.

Bowen loved driving Baby Charlie around.  He promised to drive slow so Charlie wouldn't fall out!

Our Little Family

The McDonalds

The Cousins

The McCrea Women and their Men

Carlie Hitting a Home Run

The Kiddos (Minus Hudson, Bowen and Joshua)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Charlie's Latest Art Project

Sorry for the hiatus, but I really caught a devil of a cold and it took me a while to shake it.   But we're back! And I hope you will enjoy one of Charlie's latest art projects from school. What a talent! :-)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sick, Sick, Sick

Sorry for the lack of posting this week  I have been very sick.  And Marc threw out his back.  And Charlie had a super-nasty ear infection.  (Up side - the tubes are doing their job.  Down side - they cause stinky, gross infection to drain out of his ear onto his face and crust up.)

So we will be back to posting next week, once we are no longer a coughing, draining, aching, nose-blowing, feverish family

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Where's Charlie?

There he is!

Where's Charlie?

There he is!

Where's Charlie?

There he is!

Where's Charlie?

There he is!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Charlie's First Trick-Or-Treat Adventure

For Charlie's First trick-or-treat adventure, we all were a little devilish.  We had the Lil' Devil, the Office Devil (me, in my work clothes with horns) and the Daddy Devil (Marc, in his red and Warrior Dash horns.)

The Lil' Devil started on Daddy Devil's shoulders, but quickly moved to the car for quick movement around the streets.

In front of our house

The Lil' Devil was pretty good about trick-or-treating.  We only went to houses on our street.  (We have 10 houses, including ours, and 3 weren't participating.) The Lil' Devil raked in 8 pieces of candy from 6 houses, most of which we re-treated.

Wanting to go right on in and play

More interested in the pumpkins

What is this?!?

One Tired Devil