Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lullabelle the Criminal

Before I showered today, I got out to thaw some chicken (for tonight) and a pork tenderloin (for tomorrow). Marc was watching Lullabelle, but she was chewing on her bone so he wasn't too worried. When she gets a chew bone, she is in the zone. Then we put her in the crate and ran some errands.

When we returned, I found the tenderloin wrapper on the floor under the ironing board. Sometime when we thought she was chewing on her bone, Lullabelle got the pork off the counter, chewed through the plastic wrap and ATE THE WHOLE THING!

Raw! Half frozen! Yuck!

(No, we don't suspect Sandy. Although maybe we should. . .)

Clean Girlies!

I love it when the girls come back from the groomers. Cute bows and bandanas and clean smelling dogs always make my day!

Friday, June 27, 2008

She's a Keeper!

It has been three and a half weeks since Lullabelle joined the family, and things have been going very well. She and Sandy still compete for treats and attention, but there is no injury or arguing. Yay! We discovered that she needs to be in a crate when we aren't in the house after she chowed down on a window seal and ate a loaf of french bread off the counter. She still wakes up at 4:30 every morning (ugh!!) and I pet her back to sleep, and we are working on that.
I am so glad we could give Lullabelle a good home, especially in light of this article:

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What can I say?

Grandma Lorene passed a week ago today, in the early hours of the day. I know she is in a better place, and I am so glad she did not suffer a long or painful illness. But it has been a sad, tough week for those of us who loved her.

At funerals, the family gets together and it was wonderful to spend some quality time with my aunts, uncles, cousins and cousin's children. And I have to say that my cousins and their husbands rock! The best part of the weekend was eating pizza in the hotel after the funeral. We really do need to see each other more often.

And I am most grateful that Grandma Lorene was at my wedding. It makes that day even more special. She was a strong woman who raised four strong daughters, who in turn raised a whole other generation of independent women. I hope I can pass that same strength to my children.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

In Memory

My wedding - April 27, 2008

Thanksgiving 2006

Thanksgiving 2007

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Grandma Lorene

My grandmother had a massive stroke Sunday morning, right after she taught her Sunday School class. She will be taken off the respirator tonight. Please keep our family in your thoughts and prayers.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Marcfest 2.0

Friday was Marc's birthday, so the only thing we could do was host Marcfest 2.0! Saturday night some of our favorite folks in Athens joined is for a Marc-themed menu (wings, brownies, meatballs, doritos, cheese-its, "adult" jello and beer) and an evening of cornhole.

Marc and Liz, in the the cornhole bleachers

Check out Sean's expression - Anne's throw must not have been good!
Josh and Justin - watching the cornhole bag fly through the air.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A New Addition to the McMotte family


Sorry, Mama, I'm not pregnant. Give us time - we've only been married a month and a half!

Last Sunday, Marc adopted a dog. Marc has long wanted to adopt another, and now that we are through the wedding and the honeymoon, it seemed like a good time.

She is an American Bulldog, and Marc has always wanted a bulldog. Think more Spuds McKenzie and less Uga. Marc named her the name he has had picked out for as long as I've known him - Lullabelle the Ballerina Bulldog.

Lullabelle is about six years old and is the sweetest dog. She simply wants to rest her head in your lap and nap. She knows to sit, lay down, shake and kiss. And she smiles when she is happy!

And after a few accidents and getting used to our schedule, she is using the bathroom outside (not on the carpet!) and sleeping on her new bed next to our bed.

However, Lullabelle and Sandy Nell are not the best of friends. They tolerate each other well and in general ignore each other. There is no fighting over food or treats, and just a healthy competition for our affection.

But we have had three or four growling incidents that are freaking Marc out. I have been surprisingly calm about it all, considering I've had Sandy for 9 years and love her more than anything. I keep thinking that if it was a new child, we wouldn't return him or her, we would work through the problems. And when my brother decided to kick my butt and did - literally -knocking my tailbone out of whack and necessitating a trip to the chiropractor, my parents didn't give him back.

This past Saturday, there was a little incident and Sandy had her lower eyelid scratched. Marc was ready to return Lullabelle right then and there. But I said it was an accident (it was) and Sandy started it (she did) and it would be okay (it will!) It started to get infected with the discharge from her eye turning yellow. So Sandy and I took a trip to the emergency vet. I guess they see much worse there, because they kind of chuckled at me over a scratched eyelid and I had to admit I was there more for my well-being than for Sandy's.

I have really fallen for this new dog, and I want it to work out. But Sandy is my priority. So I talked to Marc and asked that we give it three weeks. At the end of three weeks, we can see how they are getting along and reassess the situation. If the girls are still not happy with each other, then we will contact the rescue group and give Lullabelle back.

So maybe we have a new dog. I hope so, but I fully realize that I may have to blog about a broken heart instead.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

We Tailgate at Little League

Last weekend, Trip Thompson's baseball team played for the 9-12 Athens Little League City Championship. And since we will tailgate anytime, anywhere, the usual crowd that gets together for football took our tailgating to Holland Park.

And in a come-from-behind victory, Trip hit in the game-winning run. After his team piled on top of Trip, Bob went onto the field and gave him a HUGE hug that had all of us tearing up a bit.

It was a blast. Congrats, Trip and the rest of the Athens First 9-12 year olds.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Clean Doggie!

Another month, another grooming appointment for Sandy. I know I'm a little biased, but she is the prettiest dog ever.