Saturday, August 31, 2013

Farewell Sandy Nell

Friday, August 30, I had to let my sweet Sandy dog go.  She and I had been together since February 20, 2000 - 13 and a half years.  And she was between 2 and 3 when she was adopted.  At 16 years she was showing her age.   

Sandy had dementia.  At first it was mild confusion, then acting as if she only knew me.  She experienced sundown symptoms and panted in panic all evening.  Too often she peed and pooped in the house, usually after she had just been outside.

Sandy had arthritis in her back and rear legs, and it was clearly painful.  On days where she was very slow to get up or walk, I had pain meds that gave her a little spring back in her step.  But in the past few weeks Sandy had to work hard to keep her back legs from splaying out. It was especially bad when she was standing still to eat.

And she wasn't eating as much, having lost 4 pounds in the past 9 months.  That was more than 10% of her weight. And you could really feel her spine and ribs when you petted her.

Sand had really separated from the rest of the family, spending no time in the living room anymore, preferring to be in a bathroom alone. She would only be in the kitchen when forced.  But when I would go into my bedroom and bathroom, she would still come to me for petting and love.  And she would sleep next to my side of the bed.

But lately, she was separating herself from me.  She would leave the bathroom when I entered and at night she left my room and went into the hall bathroom to sleep. 

So two weeks ago when we went to the vet and started discussing what to do, the vet gently explained that Sandy was trying to tell me it was time for her to go.  And that as a vet, she has the privilege of letting pets go with dignity.  There wasn't anything else to do medically that could improve her life.

So far Charlie has only asked where Sandy is once, and I just said she wasn't here right now. He still talks about her but doesn't seem to miss her presence much.

I'll write about it later, the day that Sandy passed.  I just can't do it now.  My heart hurts too much.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Father's Day 2013

For Father's Day 2013, we went to Hampton and had a fun-filled day.  We started off with Iron-Superman Charlie playing with Spidderman Hudson.

And then Charlie did a little four wheelin'.

Until Bowen caught a fish.  Then we had to run across the yard and check it out.

And while we were there we needed to check out the pond.

Then Rosie got in a little grandparents time on the swing.

Then Charlie caught a fish with Daddy, Michael Michael and Bowen.

While Rosie got more time with Papa Kirby.

Bowen caught yet another fish and brought it to show Rosie.  

It was a nice, relaxing way to celebrate some fathers.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fun With Friends at the Splash Pad


Waiting with Carter and Edie for the bucket to dump water

Running with Edie



Monday, August 26, 2013

After the Sprinklers

After Charlie, Carter and Warren played in the sprinklers they had a bath and watched some TV.  Warren didn't want to sit in the bubbles but Charlie and Carter had lots of fun.

Charlie refused to take a picture becasue there was a facinating cartoon on TV.  I didn't get one picture of him looking at the camera.

And since I was in the way taking pictures, he just got up and got closer to the tv.