Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Washington Farms

Last weekend (not the one that just ended, but the one before) Charlie and I joined his friend Carter and Carter's family at Washington Farms.  Marc was sick and stayed home with Rosie and missed all the fun.
 To get to and from the activities, you start with a hay ride.

Charlie saw the Animals and was off!

Then the boys found the tether ball.  Charlie liked it so much he would join random people as they played with it.  I had to continually drag him away.

They have a bouncy "pillow."  Charlie and Carter only did this for a couple minutes.  I don't think Charlie liked all the people bouncing with him.

Charlie did not want to pose for a picture with me.  I was keeping him from playing!
Cow Train!

You mean you are letting me ride this BY MYSELF?

We had a front row view for the pig races. Charlie was actually a little fearful of this.

Despite Charlie's very serious look, he LOVED the slide.  He and Carter slid over.  And over.  And over.  It was well past dinner time when we finally had to drag them away, literally kicking and screaming.

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