Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dylan's Birthday Party

And not too long after Grant's birthday, we celebrate Dylan turning 3.  This party was at his house and we got there a little late, due to Charlie waking up late from his nap.  And it was - as this spring has been - unseasonable chilly and wet.  So while I brought Charlie's swim trunks, he never got in them.  That didn't stop him from playing in the water, though.

Charlie and his friends had fun playing inside in Dylan's room, too.

Charlie, a creepy Woody and the Birthday Boy Dylan

Blowing out the candles

Checking out a birthday gift

Carter and Charlie helping Dylan open gifts

And then Charlie found a tunnel that Dylan has.  Tunnels are a new interest of Charlie's and it was impossible to get him out!

Until we went outside and found a 4-wheeler.  Then he forgot all about the tunnel!

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