Monday, October 19, 2015

Tonsil Free Rosie

This time last week - October 12 - Rosie was having her tonsils and adenoids removed.  For a year her snoring has gotten louder and her teeth grinding and sleep apnea were frightening.  So at her three year checkup, we received a referral to talk with an ENT.  I came armed with video of Rosie snoring and her sleep apnea, and with that and the size of her tonsils, we were scheduled for surgery.

The surgeon said her tonsils and adenoids were really huge.  We knew they were big, but they were larger than even the surgeon expected.  The procedure was quick, and we were out of the surgery center quickly compared to Charlie’s surgery.  We were able to get fluids into Rosie with a syringe.  She fought it, crying that she would drink at home.  And in fact, she did. 

Her recovery has been relatively easy. For the most part, she has eaten her pasta, rice, yogurt, ice cream and popsicles well. She has been HUNGRY.  Today she got a waffle for the first time in a week and she was a happy girl.  Her tonsillectomy breath has been hideous, but that is normal. And she hasn’t always wanted to take her medicine but usually after a few minutes, she gets it down.

Here she is at home after surgery:

And after some medicine:

 And eating a popsicle!

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