Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New York City!

(As I typed the blog title for this post, I did it as if I was in the Pace Picante sauce commercial.)

I had to go to NYC for a work function, and Marc came with me.  It was the first time I was away from Charlie overnight, and it was for four nights.  Marc had been away from Charlie for a few nights before, but we still missed him a lot.  But Marc and I were so busy that the time flew by.

Fortunately for Charlie, he got to spend four days with Grandma Dot.  Unfortunately for Grandma Dot, Charlie got a virus of some sort as soon as we left.  He had a fever, didn't want to eat and was a generally clingy and whiny baby.  It lasted until we got home.  So I guess Marc and I timed it just right :-)

And Marc and I made the most of our baby-free long weekend.  We saw the movie Bridesmaids (which was very funny) and got to see one of the most popular shows on Broadway right now, the Book of Mormon.  It is so popular that it is sold out until July, but there is a lottery before each show where they have 20 tickets that they sell for a reduced price.  We walked away losers the first two times, but on the third (and what would have been our final) time, Marc's name was called.  WooHoo!  we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Then after a reception and a luncheon that I attended, we headed over to the Bronx for a Yankees game.  We had great seats and a great time, despite a Yankees loss.  And the Marine band from Paris Island performed the National Anthem, which was very cool.

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