Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Charlie's Birthday Cupcake

I had big plans for Charlie's birthday.  The LaMottes were coming to visit on Tuesday from Pensacola to be here when he turned one.  I was going to vacuum and dust and clean the kitchen floor.  I was going to make cupcakes Tuesday afternoon.  I was going to make my Mama's homemade chocolate icing.  I was going to get everything ready for his first birthday picture session on Wednesday morning.  I was going to cook a good dinner and celebrate the fact that we almost had a one-year old.  

I had plans.

Someone had other ideas.

Tuesday morning, about 3am, I awoke to a horrible feeling.  And then spent the next 12 hours hovering around a toilet.  Throwing up is the worst illness I can have (Marc even remarked that he had never seen me this whiny) and  I caught a doozy of a stomach bug.  So nothing got done. I barely even showered.

BUT. . .I woke up on Wednesday morning feeling a little better.  I made the birthday boy some cupcakes and at lunch I slapped some store-bought icing on one of them and let him have at it.

So it wasn't the grand photo op that I was planning.  But Charlie still turned one, we still had pictures made, and he still had a cupcake and I got some shots of it.  And it happened when he was one and won't remember, not when he is six and upset that his birthday wasn't a spectacular event.

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