Friday, August 12, 2011

What's Been Going On?

Flat Tires
Two weeks ago, on the hottest day of the year, I got a flat tire in the mini van. 

I noticed it when I arrived at day care to pick up Charlie, and I could actually hear the air hissing out of the tire.  So I called Marc and he jumped in the car and headed over to help.  the owner of Little Prodigies, Wes, just happened to be at day care that afternoon and helped me get things going until Marc arrived.  It was harder than I expected, because the spare tire, the jack and the tire iron were all in different locations in the van. 

Marc arrived just in time to put on the spare, which was also flat.  Of course!  But Marc had Fix-A-Flat in his car which did the trick. 

While this was no fun, it could have been much worse. The flat happened in a parking lot, not on the road.  We were able to change it on a flat surface and not on a sloped shoulder.  And Charlie could stay in the AC, not in a van baking in the heat. And the tire was under warranty, so it was free to get it and the spare fixed!

Movin' On Up
Charlie is now the oldest baby in his daycare class, and he will be soon moving up.  This makes me sad.  In the Monet class (also known as the Crawlers) he has really thrived. We've found a napping pattern that helps the little man sleep through the night.  He is eating more grown-up foods and is just a happy boy.  And the teachers LOVE Charlie and he LOVES them.

But I know he can't stay there forever - he needs to be challenged and around more grown up kiddies, not babies.  So next week we will try and have Charlie on the complete menu at Little Prodigies - breakfast, lunch and snack. Once he is on the full menu, he will go to the one-year class.

Big Boy
But while Charlie is the big boy in class, he is showing that he is a leader with a very caring attitude.  He will start laughing - it sounds like HEH HEH HEH and is kind of guttural - and all the other kids will imitate his laugh and join in.  When Charlie arrives, the other kids smile and go over to him.

Yesterday, some of the littler kids were in their cribs and there was a basket of clean bibs and washclothes under one of the cribs.  When the teachers weren't looking, Charlie would take a washcloth to each baby, wave it at them and put it in their crib.  He would also put the washcloth on his head and then pull it off - playing peek-a-boo with the babies.

Too Big!
Charlie - all of a sudden - loves to try and sit in a Bumbo seat.  We don't have one at home anymore, but there is one at day care for the babies who aren't quite ready to sit on their own.  When it's out and empty, Charlie will try and sit in it.  He doesn't quite fit, and so he will tumble over and laugh - and then do it again.

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