Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Such a Big Boy

Yesterday, Charlie officially moved up to the one-year classroom.  He could have moved up a few weeks ago, and two other babies that aren't as far along developmentally have already joined the other one-year-olds.  But our center knew that I wasn't ready.  And I appreciate that they recognize that the entire family needs to be ready to move on.  But it is in the Crawlers classroom where Charlie has really grown and thrived.  He loves the teachers in that class, and so do I.  They love him, too. 

He had been visiting the new class for awhile and had joined them for a meal each day.  And when he would co back to the crawlers class, he would bang on the door and cry. So I knew it was time for him to go, even if it breaks my heart that my little man is no longer a baby.

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