Friday, September 7, 2012

Funny Man

A few months ago, Marc went to San Antonio to compete in a round of the World Series of Comedy.  He just missed making it to the finals in Las Vegas - or so we thought.  He recently found out that despite not making the final list in San Antonio, he made it!  And not as a wild card, but as a competing comedian in a fantastic slot on Friday at 9:00pm.  It is exactly where he wants to be.
But he can't go.
He has a show in New York City the next day and if he made it through (which he would, of course!) he would have to perform Saturday and Sunday.  We were both soooo disappointed.

And last week we learned that Marc had been named one of the hot 20 comedians for 2013 in Campus Activities Magazine. WooHoo! 
 See that Colleges and Universities - He's funny, and it's not just me saying it! Hire him!

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