Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fourth of July Tradition

This year, Marc became a true Georgian and ran his first Peachtree Road Race.  However, it may also have been his last.  He had a good spot - group F - and ran it in just over an hour.  But running with 60,000 of his closest friends was a little frustrating.  Marc couldn't get a good running rhythm because of all the walkers and slow runners.  It was more of a zig-zag run for him. And he was fighting a cold, so he wasn't feeling 100%.

And man, it was H.O.T!

Marc was also one of 250 racers chosen to have a silver race number, which gave him a chance to win airfare and four nights in Barcelona, Spain. So we stuck around - and sweated A LOT - and waited over an hour for the awards ceremony. We didn't win, but we were more frustrated than sad because we were so hot and miserable.

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