Sunday, May 20, 2012

36 Weeks

I am 36 weeks pregnant today.  Yikes!  3 weeks and one day to go, if she keeps to my schedule.  I am tired, irritable, my back aches, I feel like my belly is stretching often and I'm not sleeping well, just like most 36 week pregnant ladies.  I can do a chore or two, but then needs to sit down and rest.  Baby is throwing lots of elbows and knees but seems to be happy in there.  On the plus side, I only have to wash my hair every three days.  Usually I wash my hair in the morning and it is greasy by the end of the day, so this rocks!

Charlie has been transitioning into the next class at Little Prodigies, and tomorrow he is officially a member of the 2 year old class.  He will now be a Pavarotti.  He had been acting out in class for the past couple of weeks, so this is welcome, if not a bit sad.  Charlie is one of the oldest in the 1 year old class, and he was getting frustrated with the younger class members. He started by pitching a fit when I left instead of running in and giving Miss Trish a hug and finding a ball.  Then he began acting out - throwing his shoes! - and refusing to eat.  We loved his teachers in the 1 year old classroom and will miss them a lot.  But we are glad to have Charlie in a class where he can grow and learn. 

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