Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Charlie's Playdate with Carter

This past weekend, Charlie's classmate and gymnastics friend Carter came over to play.  They had a great time, and Charlie was SO excited to have a friend over to his house.

After playing inside for a while, we went out back to the swingset, bringing two balls for each boy, of course.  Carter found a stick and started playing with it. . .

. . .so Charlie had to follow suit, though on a smaller scale.

Then it was fun with the slide.  Let's throw the balls up and watch them come back down!

It was hot, so we went back inside to the ball pit

And then we went to the pool, and I left my camera inside. Grrrr.  But take my word for it, the boys had lots of fun and were tuckered out by dinner time.  Charlie wasn't too sure of the pool at first, but after watching Carter jump in, Charlie did the same thing and loved it!

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