Sunday, June 3, 2012

38 Weeks

I am 38 weeks pregnant today.  I went to the doctor earlier this week and had gained 3 pounds.  WooHoo!  This will likely be the only time I cheer for gaining weight.  Previously I had said I had gained 17 pounds in the pregnancy.  I was off by two, having only gained 15.  So now I am up to 18 pounds overall, which still isn't great for this point in the pregnancy.  But I have upped my fluid intake a lot and tried to eat more.  I did get sick on Friday evening due to reflux, but that was the first time I had vomited in a while.

We have her room mostly ready now and I am kinda packed.  Okay, not so much packed as I found my nursing gowns and have pulled them out with enough underware to get me through several days.  And I've pulled out towels and washclothes.  One of the things I remember from Charlie's birth it that the towels were crappy and Marc brought me some from home.  But if she were to arrive today I wouldn't be completely unprepared.

Charlie is continuing to thrive in the new classroom. He comes home exhausted every day from playing his heart out.  Charlie is also starting to count to ten and tries to sing along to songs he has heard since birth.  He may be a beat or two behind, but it is just lovely music!  Everyday when we drive to school he points out all the trucks and cars and buses and bulldozers and bicycles and we just chat about what we see.  I love it!

Oh, and we have bought a new video camera.  We will use it for Marc's comedy, but also for the fun things Charlie is doing and the cuteness that the Baby will bring.

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