Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Change of Plans

I was going to write a happy birthday post for Marc today - He is another year better, wiser and handsomer today.  Happy Birthday!!  We all love you so, Marc!

But instead I am going to tell you about our weekend plans.  I went to the doctor yesterday for my pre-op visit for the c-section scheduled for June 11, which has been set for a while.  But over the past week I had not gained any weight and despite drinking copious amounts of water and lemonade, my fluids haven't gotten any better.  They are just on this side of normal.  Baby has gotten bigger - almost 6.5 pounds, but the doctor decided we would go ahead and birth her on Saturday.

Really, it is only two days early - not much of a difference.  BUT - it is my weekend, when I was going to get ready for her arrival and finalize everything.  One last gymnastics class with Charlie and a warm weekend to play in the pool out back.  And over the weekend, Charlie won't have school so we have to worry more about what he is doing. Because how much will an almost-two-year-old really enjoy a hospital?  And we have to pay more attention to making sure he is fed and napped.  It will mean more grandparent contributions, which I know will not be a problem :-)

So send us good thoughts Saturday! And send Marc happy wishes today!

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