Monday, June 25, 2012


The week before Rosie was born, Charlie and I went out to the Athens airport to look at the planes.  He has become interested in airplanes and is always looking for them in the sky.  The airport also has one of the large, decorated bulldogs that you can find around town.  So we spent almost an hour looking at the planes. . .

. . . and then running to talk to the bulldog.

And then going back to see the planes. . .

. . . and back to the bulldog again. 

And then back to the planes. 

Really, the planes and the statue are not that far away - I stayed in one spot to take the pictures - but Charlie ran full speed back and forth. Didn't want to miss anything. Next time, I hope he can see a plane take off or land. But the excitement he had over planes that were just parked was amazing.

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