Friday, June 8, 2012


There is a commercial on TV for Dolphin Tales, a show at the Georgia Aquarium.  It must come on two or three times every night and when it does, Charlie drops everything he is doing to watch and holler, "Dolphin! Dolphin!"  Sometimes he will go up to the TV to talk to the dolphins.

So I looked online at the Georgia Aquarium site to see about tickets.  The Dolphin Tale show is included in the ticket price, but that ticket price is $35 for adults and $28 for kids 3-12 - yikes!  But did you know that a Georgia resident can get in free on his/her birthday?? And since Marc's birthday was this week, he and Charlie headed down to Atlanta to celebrate Marc's special day with a little father/son/fish bonding time.

Here are some of the pictures and video that Marc took on his iPhone.  Photography wasn't allowed at the Dolphin Show.  But the report is that Charlie loved the dolphins and their tricks, but didn't care so much for the "show" part.  And Charlie LOVED the rest of the Aquarium, talking to all the fish and turtles.  His favorite was evidently the Beluga Whales.

Checking out the fish

Trying to kick his way in

On the floor, talking to the fish

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