Monday, August 20, 2012

SSI - Day Two Morning

One day two, we headed out to the beach in the morning.  The tide was low and was beginning to come in.  Charlie had lots of fun jumping over the waves.

And Rosie had lots of fun sleeping in the ocean air.  The pod that worked so well for Charlie was again a great place for Rosie to rest.

Charlie wanted to help Grandma Dot put up the umbrellas.

And he had a lot of fun throwing the baseball around with Daddy.

Ahhh, the relaxing rhythm of the waves.

Charlie liked digging in the sand, but then wanted the sand off his hands. 

 "Wash Hands!"

Oooh - the pinwheel!  Oh flower, as Charlie called it.

Rosie's first time putting her toes in the sand!

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