Friday, August 24, 2012

Two Years!

At 7:39 this morning, Charlie turned two. Here he is at that exact time today.

(And why was he in our bed instead of his? Well, yesterday Marc got a call to be an extra in a movie filming here in Athens. He figured he would get home around midnight. But at 2:00am when Charlie woke up thirsty, Marc was still filming. So I got up with him, and he WOULD. NOT. GO. BACK. TO. SLEEP. Seriously, I tried everything. Finally at 4:30am, I cuddled him close in our bed - because I was about to fall asleep myself - and made him close his eyes. What a way to start his birthday!  Marc finally made it home around 5am - 15 hours after they started!)

How old are you Charlie? TWOOOOOOOOO!
And then we went by our favorite photography studio, where they are having a fundraiser - back-to-school photo mini session for a donation to the Athens Mothers Center.

Then for snack time at Little Prodigies, we brought cupcakes and joined all of Charlie's friends in singing him Happy Birthday

The cupcakes were gooood.  I will have a whole other post just of cuties with icing everywhere.


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Christy said...

Charlie K is soooooo adorable! Happy Birthday! It sounds like it was awesome!