Wednesday, August 29, 2012

This Party's on Fire!

I have a confession - we have not celebrated holidays with Charlie. No Christmas tree, no Easter basket and for his first birthday, no party.  We thought he was too young, didn't "get" it and let's wait until he can understand.  He got lots of Christmas cheer at his grandparents' houses and we have great pictures of him in bunny ears, but haven't made a big deal out of holidays.

Until now.

This year, we had a birthday party for our little man.  Athens Clarke County Fire Services has a great deal - you can rent the community room at Fire Station 1 for parties for only $10. And with that, the fire fighters will give you a tour of the station.  Charlie loooooves fire engines, so I thought this would be perfect.  And it was.  
We invited all of Charlie's classmates, his cousins Hudson and Bowen and other good friends from Athens, and we had 14 kiddos join us for firehouse fun.  When they arrived, everyone got a hat and firefighter tattoo.


Hudson, Bowen and even SpongeBob got a fire hat
We also had a picture of a firetruck that everyone could color.
Charlie, Declan, Harris and Carter

Charlie and Carter

And then the fire fighters talked with the kiddos about their jobs. They got to see the fire hose and sit in the fire truck.

Charlie and Warren

Edie, Delaney and Bart


Charlie is always happy to be with Uncle Michael - or, as he says it, Michael Michael.

Then one of the firemen put on his gear.  It is amazing how much gear is required! And then the kiddos could try on the fire jacket.

And then they were able to tour the station and see where the firemen eat and sleep.

And after all that fun, we had cake!  Charlie was awesome and blew out his candle on the first try. He loved everyone singing Happy Birthday to him, and he has continued to sing it to himself for days :-)




It was a great day.  Even Rosie got in on the action with her fire truck onesie.

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Christy said...

That is a great deal and looks like y'all had lots of fun!!!